A brief technical overview


Selected for sharpening the hardest stainless steel knives, we use special high-carbon steels.

Example: LIME 100C6 steel (1% carbon)

Cut :

Designed to give a good “BITE”.

There are 3 types of cut:

    Enables sharpening – recommended for occasional use (blunt, worn knives). Highly abrasive effect.
  • FINE: Perfectly restores the cutting edge of professional blades. Combines edging and sharpening.
  • EXTRA-FINE (FISCHROM range): Restores the edge. Ideal for preserving the “razor edge” of an already sharp knife.

Available FISCHER shapes


Heat treatment:

This gives steels their hardness. Thanks to our high-performance equipment, FISCHER masters this essential process in the manufacture of sharpening steels.

Our heat treatment process guarantees a hardness of between 62 and 64 HRC, making our steels suitable for sharpening all knives currently on the market.


All our steels are coated with a hard, 8-micron layer of chrome. This micro-layer increases the superficial hardness of edges by 3 to 4 HRC.


This essential process is used to make sure minute particles of steel produced during sharpening remain on the steel in order to protect foodstuffs.


Our knives are made with internationally renowned French steel

  • 0.4 % carbon
  • 13% chrome
  • molybdenum

All our knives are tempered at 54-55 HRC and 57-58 HRC for the Swedish SANDVIK range

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